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15 Hobbies That Can Make You Money In 2021

15 Hobbies That Can Make You Money In 2021

Your hobbies don’t have to actually cost you money.

Many of us are actually making substantial incomes by tapping into our passions of what we love doing the most.

This article is about how to earn extra income from a side hustle you actually love doing!

Here are 15 examples of hobbies that you can turn into cash.

1. Shopping

We all love to shop, right? Yes, you can turn shopping into an income.

There are a lot of different ways that you could do this such as mystery shopping or being a super-shopper or being somebody that does product reviews or blogging.

One area that I’ve seen really enhancing income streams for people over the last number of years is being able to do reviews on your own YouTube channel.

By supporting your own hobby of shopping, you can actually take products and you can do thorough, unboxings and analysis of those products in order to help other people make decisions while they’re shopping and there are a lot of channels that are doing this today.

Not only can you be paid through YouTube by your monetization and Ads revenues, but you can also be paid by companies to sponsor a particular product.

You can actually unveil or do a review and be paid to do it. My significant other actually has a sister that that does this. With about half a million-person fanbase on Facebook as a health person and dietitian, she’s able to create meals and recipes as she shares these on her social media platform.

And this woman will never pay for food again. All of these food and product companies actually supply her with these items in order to reveal them and display them on her channel and they invite her to feature their products.

Not only is she often paid in these brand endorsement deals, but she is again also getting products for free.

You can also establish an affiliate relationship through Amazon by doing these types of unboxings or product reviews and anytime somebody purchases whatever you’re describing on the channel, you can make a pretty decent income.

It’s a great way for people who love to shop, to tie that hobby into generating additional cash flow.

2. Organising

If you’re an organiser and you like things really tidy, you can obviously provide that type of service.

You can become a high-end organiser and can sell that service even through places like Craigslist.

Just go into Craigslist, do a search for organising and you’ll see many people who are already engaged in this industry.

This is a great side hustle and a way to earn additional income. Go out and organise people’s garages, help organise people’s offices, help organise people or computers.

Just think of your computer. Mine is a perfect example. I have so many files, it’s really pretty overwhelming, and not only do I have files on my computer, but I have files in the cloud and I have files on hard drives external hard drives.

It gets to a point where you almost feel like you don’t know where certain things are.

If you have that organisational skill, you can start to market that to people who need it desperately and are willing to pay good money for it.

3. House/Pet Sitting

Pixabay/Jake Williams

Are you an animal lover? This is another great way of generating additional income.

You can post an ad on Craigslist and go and take care of somebody’s house. This is another awesome way of actually getting a little adventure out of it.

Sometimes you can actually be kind of a live-in pet sitter, while people go away and have a little mini-vacation for yourself, so lots of little perks come from being an animal or even just being a dog walker.

So there’s a lot of great ways to tie your passion and love for animals into additional income streams.

4. Music Teacher

You can teach others how to improve my skills as a musician, and this is something that perhaps you can also offer as a side hustle.

If you have a talent for music, maybe you’re a singer and you’re focused, you want to help somebody improve their vocal skills or with playing an instrument.

You can certainly easily sell this service with very little if any money out of your own pocket.

5. Writing

Writing is one of those skills that not all of us have. It is a really valuable skill set and one that people will pay big money for.

There are many sites that support the skill of writing today. Whether you want to be a copywriter writer or even author of your own book.

You can create and publish ebooks so easily today without a lot of cost out of your own pocket.

If you’re just simply looking to outsource your services to other experts or whether it’s ghostwriting for somebody else, ad copy to a business, there are many websites that will support this service like fiverr.com.

If you’re a great writer you can go on and sell gigs on that website for people that need your skills.

Sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com, People for Hire are all sites where you can get paid by the hour or per the project.

You can even just go on craigslist and post your services for hire there. Writing could be one of those skills that many businesses can rely on you for.

6. Photography and Videography

Pixabay/Jake Williams

If you’re skilled with a camera in any way, shape, or form, places like Shutterfly or Stock Footage, offer great videos and photography.

You can go in and sell your work to websites and you can earn an income from this.

Cafepress is another great site. So if this is something that you feel you’re skilled at, you can explore this option further.

A good tip is to start by looking on Craigslist, to begin with, to see who might be able to benefit from your services.

7. Web Design and Coding

This is an amazing space. In fact, if I were to have a child and wanted to get them started early, I would have them learn web design or coding.

Learning the art of coding is a great step to take as this is one of the highest paying industries that exists right now.

So I would look to developing, not just your web coding or web design skills.

It’s also good to start to actually explore ways to monetize this by looking at what you can do in this area for other businesses.

Again, websites like Freelancer or Fiverr are excellent starting points to generate leads on a continual basis.

From there you can even start your own projects where you’re teaching how-to’s to people through websites like YouTube.

Alternatively, you can create your own platform locally through your own website, but this is something that you can do virtually.

This means you can do it virtually from anywhere and that’s a very important thing for most people is maintaining a level of freedom.

Most people love to work. They just don’t love the obligation of being trapped geographically.

So you can practice any one of these things but do so anywhere in the world.

8. Carpentry and Woodworking

Let’s say you’re the creative hands-on type of person. This is another great way of using your passions and your hobbies to make extra money because you can just build things.

It gives you the opportunity to tap into your creative space, design things for people, and then go online and sell them on sites like Craigslist, Etsy, Pinterest, and so on.

It can be another great way of making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month in additional income and you add that to whatever you have today.

Any small amount of money that you can add to your cash flow position is going to make an enormous difference to you over a period of time.

9. Baking and Cooking

Pixabay/Jake Williams

Baking and cooking have become this huge trend in general. So if you’re great in the kitchen consider ways that you can share that information with others.

For example, you should just start creating your own videos and displaying your work on YouTube.

Make them enticing, make them exciting, and take it seriously. Don’t just treat it like a hobby anymore, start treating it like a business.

And while you can in fact get away doing this with very little to no money out of your own pocket, except for the cost of the ingredients which you get to enjoy.

Obviously, after you finish the product, you could monetize this by spending a little bit of extra money.

You can do this by bringing on a small team, maybe just one person to help you to edit the videos. You can do that for a relatively inexpensive amount of money.

You could do that for 5, 10, or 20 hours per week and you can start to see results after a period of time.

10. Reviews

If you can transform what you’re most passionate about into some sort of a review, a blog, some sort of a critique somewhere where you’re driving traffic and eyeballs to what you’re writing, then you can generate revenue from it.

Your knowledge about something might actually convert into dollars and cents.

Whether you’re passionate about cars, you love to fish, you love food, you can get in there and start writing your own critiques about this information, at which point you can get those brand deals.

You can get those sponsorships, you can sell advertising, you can get sponsors, you can actually generate monetization through sources like YouTube, etc.

11. Gardening

Do you love being outdoors? Are you great with that green thumb? Then get out there and help other people who are terrible at it make sure their gardens are seasonally ready.

There are obviously a lot of places where you can publish those services. I think probably the most obvious would be Craigslist for your local area.

But get out there and really start to help your neighbors enjoy more time in the sun, enjoy what you do love the most, and get paid while you’re doing it.

12. Sewing or Hand Crafting, Embroidery, etc.

This is where again going on Craigslist and getting your services and your skills out there to the public can definitely generate money fairly quickly for you.

But there are also more creative ways where you can create both projects and sell them on sites like Etsy.

13. Professional Gamers

If gaming is your thing and you love video games, get out there and start making money doing it.

Obviously, if you’re going in and doing game reviews, there is monetization available in that.

But I think the even bigger opportunity here is creating a big community on sites like this on YouTube and really starting to do a screen capture, narration, and voiceover stuff.

Gaming websites bring in some of the biggest traffic as long as you’re keeping it clean and brand sanitized, meaning that brand deals actually are able to sponsor your video with ads.

Just keep in mind, YouTube is getting more and more strict about who they will allow ads for and who they won’t and usually, that’s a very family-friendly, family-oriented type of content.

So try to keep the profanity at a minimum and try and play games that are more appealing to those advertisers with YouTube in order to make sure you’re getting paid for all of those views.

14. Graphic Design

With graphic design skills, you have the potential to make fifty, sixty, seventy dollars per hour.

You can get out there and really put that artistic skill to work for you in generating additional income by working with small business owners and working with big companies.

You can help them create logos, design advertising, helping create brochures, business cards, and other marketing materials.

Design work is incredibly valuable and if you don’t know where to start, rely on places like Fiverr and Freelancer.com to showcase your work.

There’s another great website called 99 designs, a website where you can go in and actually compete for projects.

If you think you’re good and your work will stand up to other graphic designers.

This is another time where you can start to get in and really start to generate some additional income from that skill.

15. YouTube

Pixabay/Jake Williams

You can literally create a video or a channel on any subject. This is achieved by just simply creating videos and being an influencer.

We can drive traffic from YouTube into various funnels in order to sell products or services, and that has been incredibly lucrative for many people.

There are a lot of ways that you can do this. If you’re passionate about different subjects or if you’re an industry professional, utilising YouTube to create content and engage with an audience is a good idea.

Just start to get creative with what it is you’re most passionate about. The more consistent you are, the more content you put out, the more YouTube favours you and suggests your videos.

And as long as the content is really high-quality, you can make money using it.



So those are the list of hobbies that can make you money. In addition to this, identify for yourself how you can continue to earn money through systems and automation.

Each and every month, regardless of whether or not you didn’t get out of bed, this will allow you that same freedom of opportunity, freedom of geography, and freedom of choice.

We want to hear from you so go ahead and leave a comment below. What is your favorite side hustle and way of making extra money or passive income?

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